Exo Mountain - K3 Slurpy Stalker

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The K3 Slurpy Stalker is an ultra-light, ultra-versatile water bladder carrier for a wide variety of applications. As the name implies, the origins of Slurpy Stalker came about when we found ourselves on stalks that lasted longer than expected; having dropped our packs before the stalk began, we had no way to carry water, snacks, or other small essentials with us during the stalk.

With your water bladder installed in the Slurpy Stalker, you can keep the whole system inside your Exo pack. When it comes time to drop your pack and make a stalk, you can quickly remove the Slurpy Stalker and wear it with the built-in shoulder harness to make your stalk with water, snacks, or other items stored in the front stretch pocket.

The Slurpy Stalker can also be attached directly to our K3 Crib Load Panel. Using the K3 Frame with a Crib Load Panel and Slurpy Stalker installed makes a great ultralight setup when you are going in for your next load of meat after filling a tag. This setup is also ideal for pre-season weighted training hikes.

With the integrated shoulder harness and low-profile design, the Slurpy Stalker can be worn independently for all types of pursuits where you need to carry just water and small essentials.

  •  Weight: 7.5 oz
  •  Dimensions: 8 x 18 x 2.5
  •  Bladder Compatibility: Most 2 or 3-liter bladder systems